Platform Overview

Services Continuum

PhitTech provides a continuum of services encompassing Personal Fitness, Occupational Fitness, Corporate Wellness Programs, Non-clinical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Clinical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Workers Compensation Programs, Wellness and Healthcare Data and Record Integration, Hospital Readmission Management and Predictive Analytics, and Post-Acute Care Transition that are all configurable services depending on the need of the customer. A summary of each service is provided below:

Personal Fitness Service

The Individual base fitness service utilizes a directory of over 600 workouts to create a personally driven exercise program based upon individually set goals. Workouts can be built manually from the directory or auto created by the system. Auto generated workouts use system available demographic and biometric data combined with the selection of a fitness outcome category e.g. cardio, weight loss, strengthening, cross training, general fitness, etc. All workouts can be accessed and used through the Avatar, audio, video and/or written guides depending on user preference.

Occupational Fitness

PhitTech can design a customized fitness-wellness program that specifically addresses the physical attributes and demands of a work environment to positively impact individual and organizational performance and financial outcomes. The program is structured around the base augmented realty system with virtual access, participation tracking and reporting.

Occupational Fitness program and design offers a similar approach and options as outlined under Personal Fitness emphasizing both individual and group outcomes that are directly related to the targeted occupation. This type of occupational based program and service have been demonstrated to positively impact;

Corporate Wellness Program

PhitTech’s Corporate Wellness Program provides a quantifiable, goal-oriented, educational, holistic and practical hands on approach to wellbeing. Through sound education, scientific principles and accountability the wellbeing program focuses on the mindfulness of what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. Our objective is to find ways that help stressed, hardworking employees lead happier, healthier and more productive lives. The CWP offers the five wellbeing components of: Physical, Career, Community, Emotional/Social and Financial.

PhitTech’s Wellbeing Program is a virtual on-line program. It allows maximum access and convenience for participants to view the on-line education sessions and on-line workouts on a day and time of their choosing. The program is built around PhitTech’s Avatar technology and allows the participant to progress at their own pace and rewarded accordingly. All workouts can be accessed and used through the Avatar, audio, video and/or written guides depending on user preference.

Non-Clinical Therapy and Rehabilitation

PhitTech can provide a fitness program driven by an individual’s specific health issue or condition on a non-clinical basis using standard healthcare therapy protocols. Non-clinical therapy is intended to address typical pain and non-structural injuries to an individual’s muscle, knee, hip, shoulder, back, etc. This is not intended to replace clinical therapy, but to provide an option for addressing health related issues prior to the need for a formal health care program intervention.

Clinical Therapy and Rehabilitation

PhitTech offers a continuum of virtual clinical therapy services to enhance and supplement formal therapy services that will improve outcomes and reduce cost of service for both the patient and provider. The virtual therapy services are integrated within a formal therapy program to enhance implementation, track compliance and increase patient convenience while controlling overall cost. PhitTech therapy is designed for application with the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) model for improving quality, care coordination and reduced cost.

PhitTech’s Clinical Therapy program is health diagnosis driven and requires the participation and monitoring of a Certified Physical Therapist. The specific therapy program can be auto designed from system healthcare data, modified and/or structured manually by a Certified Therapist.

Workers Compensation (WC)

PhitTech’s therapy service can be further customize for workers compensation cases that provides needed rehabilitation programming, patient outcome management and cost controls. The key differentiator of the WC program is patient accountability through progress, outcome and compliance tracking and reporting.

Wellness and Healthcare Record Integration

PhitTech collects, organizes and populates all available wellness and healthcare data of an individual from disparate record systems within a “single” medical record system. This data provides a comprehensive consolidation of personal fitness, wellness and healthcare data in a single record location for use by patients, providers and payors.

Hospital Readmission Management and Predictive Analytics

When the need for hospital care arises the PhitTech, web-based platform provides a comprehensive automated transition of care solution from hospital to and through post-acute care. The platform standardizes and streamlines care transition, planning, referral and discharge workflows for hospitals and post-acute care providers from end to end. The service can be interfaced and integrated in a variety of methods to collect and leverage select patient data to inform and support the process, as well as the system users.

The service is designed and proven to deliver operational and financial improvements to hospitals in several critical areas including;