PhitTech, LLC

PhitTech provides a comprehensive fitness, wellness and healthcare solution for enhanced individual and group performance outcomes through the interfacing of advanced technology and services.

PhitTech develops, manufactures and distributes non-invasive physiological-biometric ear bud technology, conductive fabric designed sensors, conductive fabric active wear and clothing with supporting augmented reality services for wellness and health remote monitoring of individual biometric and healthcare data.

PhitTech technology is designed around complete functionality incorporating the personal (P), health (H), interoperability (I) and tracking (T) aspects necessary for technology integration and usability. PhitTech’s monitoring technology is fully supported by data secured systems for capture, storage and reporting of data through mobile and web-based applications. PhitTech devices are customizable and completely agnostic allowing for technology integration with any other remote monitoring system through our API.

The technology is designed with a standard configured functionality based upon market application and is fully customizable to meet unique customer needs.

Service Continuum

PhitTech provides a continuum of services encompassing Personal Fitness, Occupational Fitness, Corporate Wellness Programs, Non-clinical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Clinical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Workers Compensation Programs, Wellness and Healthcare Data and Record Integration, Hospital Readmission Management & Predictive Analytics, and Post-Acute Care Transition that are all configurable services depending on the need of the customer.

Service Outcomes and Benefits

  • Real-time non-invasive remote data capture and monitoring
  • Seamless integration of wellness and healthcare services
  • Individualized wellness programming developed from HRA and clinical data
  • Increased participation for wellness and health through self-directed lifestyle management
  • Integrated clinical and non-clinical data and reporting for both the individual and group
  • Reduction in healthcare use and expense
  • Hospital & post-acute care transition management
  • Lower cost for physical therapy with compliance monitoring
  • Wellness-Health compliance tracking and reporting
  • Individualized outcome based predictive analytics
PhitTech technology and services offers a comprehensive range of fitness, wellness, therapy, healthcare, active wear and related data management that is unmatched within the market. Our team of professionals are committed to providing solutions that maximize technology that improve individual and group outcomes while minimizing cost.