Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What Products and Services does PhitTech offer?
PhitTech has a range of products and services that can be fully integrated with each other or provided as a stand-alone option: PhitTech offers
  • Earbud activity monitors.
  • BYOS Conductive Active Wear.
  • BYOS Body Sensors.
  • Augmented Realty Fitness.

Q: Does PhitTech offer more than one activity monitor for tracking and reporting biometric data?
Yes, PhitTech offers a suite of activity monitors that are configured based upon the primary use such as general fitness, occupational fitness, non-clinical therapy, clinical therapy as well as extreme environments. Our activity monitors can also be custom configured upon request.

Q: What is BYOS Conductive Active Wear?
BYOS is a line of fashion centric casual wear clothing and body sensors that is used for daily wear, general fitness, enhancing athletic performance, capturing biometric data, and physical rehabilitation. The BYOS material is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-order for enhanced personal health and hygiene.

Q: Can PhitTech Products and Services be purchased as a package or individually?
PhitTech’s products and services can be purchased as either a package or as individual items. Purchase options include a predesigned service package, a customized service, activity monitoring device(s) and BYOS clothing and BYOS sensors for group and individual use.

Q: How is the real-time data captured, accessed and viewed by a user?
The data captured though the PhitTech system can be accessed through a secured mobile app and/or a cloud-based data portal.

Q: How do I learn more about PhitTech Products and Services?
The best way to learn more about PhitTech Products and Services is to speak directly to us so we can understand your need and intended use. Once we understand what you would like to accomplish, we can recommend standard options or provide a customized individual or group solution. Oh, and you will be able to speak to a real person!