PhitTech is a disruptive technology Company committed to the enhancement of individual and group outcomes in fitness, wellness, health and personal performance.

PhitTech provides a family of non-invasive biometric monitoring devices, proprietary active wear with body sensors capabilities that are integrated within our interactive services further supporting our technologies. Our ability to combine our suite of versatile technology to capture, analyze, review and apply real-time biometric data creates service and user application opportunities that are unmatched within the market.

Our team is comprised of a broad range of professionals with experience and expertise in technology, health, fitness, performance improvement and service development. Our business and customer relationships are driven by our core values of integrity, innovation, reliability, creativity and quality performance in all we do. We have designed and offer a unique solution that is intended to directly contribute toward improving both individual and population health management.

Business Segment Overview

Device Technology

PhitTech’s advanced and disruptive sensor wireless technology provides a market differentiating non-invasive ear-based monitoring device that captures a wide range of biometric and health data positively impacting individual and population health management exceeding anything currently in the market. All data is captured, stored, presented and accessed within a HIPAA secured and compliant system. The PhitTech technology has been pioneered, researched, developed and tested for biomedical and biometric monitoring in conjunction with both the United States Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) for fighter pilots experiencing extraordinary G-forces in training and flight and Indycar for the the realtime biometric monitoring of drivers. This technology is not only applicable within day to day fitness and wellness but has significant applications across a wide range of biometric monitoring scenarios including extreme environments like combat medicine, spaceflight and other specialized applications.

Active Wear Sensor Technology

The PhitTech’s proprietary and fully conductive clothing line supports our technology integration and connections including bio-thermal circuit-board controlled capacities and body sensor applications. In addition, the clothing fabric structure itself is anti-microbial, anti-odor and anti-bacterial creating an immense array of product and market applications in fitness, health, sports, fashion, and government/military segments. PhitTech has combined this conductive clothing fabric with the Bio-metric monitoring that clearly sets us apart from competitors within the market. The joining of technology and clothing is a fitness, health and fashion market changer.

Interactive, Augmented Realty & Health Services Technology

PhitTech offers a continuum of interactive personalized technology based services encompassing Personal Fitness, Occupational Fitness, Corporate Wellness Programs, Non-clinical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Clinical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Workers Compensation Programs, Wellness and Healthcare Data and Record Integration, Hospital Readmission Management & Predictive Analytics, and Post-Acute Care Transition that are all configurable services depending on the need of the customer.